Bachelor’s of Developmental Milestones (BDM) Program

At the age of 24-36 months, we use the following developmentally appropriate guidelines for achieving educational and developmental milestones. We use themed lesson plans, the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS), and ITERS to achieve the appropriate environment and the proper relationship between parents, toddlers, and teachers to maximize the child’s ability to achieve these milestones.

Cognitive Skills

  • Comprehends size
  • Understands time sequence (ex: before lunch)
  • Identify shapes and colors
  • Sorts by shapes, size, and colors
  • Counts rote 1-10
  • Attention span is longer

Language Skills

  • Speaks in short sentences
  • Use plurals
  • Provides appropriate answers to questions
  • Follows two-step directions
  • Recites the alphabet
  • Identifies some letters of the alphabet

Social/Emotional Skills

  • Becomes more independent
  • Begins cooperative play
  • Responds to transitions and changes to schedule/routines
  • Shows awareness of peers personal space and belongings

Physical Development

  • Walks backward
  • Can balance on one foot
  • Walks up and down stairs independently
  • Strings large beads
  • Holds scissors correctly
  • Zips and snaps