Associate’s of Developmental Milestones (ADM) Program

At the age of 18-24 months, we use the following developmentally appropriate guidelines for achieving educational and developmental milestones. We use themed lesson plans, the Georgia Early Learning Development Standards (GELDS), and ITERS to achieve the appropriate environment and the proper relationship between parents, toddler, and teachers to maximize the child’s ability to achieve these milestones.

Cognitive Skills

  • Imitates rote counting using numbers
  • Uses size words appropriately
  • Begins to predict daily routine
  • Sorts colors and shapes
  • Demonstrate an understanding of simple rules
  • Names basic body parts

Language Skills

  • Listens to and follows simple directions
  • Responds to adult questions with answers
  • Listens to simple stories
  • Uses two-word phrases to communicate
  • Has an expressive vocabulary of 20-25 words
  • Begins using courtesy words (please & thank you)

Social/Emotional Skills

  • Says his/her name
  • Self-soothes with minimal adult support
  • Begins to show empathy
  • Engages in parallel play
  • Possessive over items

Physical Development

  • Shows feelings of security with familiar adults
  • Holds writing instrument and scribbles
  • Practices drinking from a small cup
  • Kicks backward and forward
  • Walks upstairs with help
  • Stands on a balance beam