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Small Center. Big goals. Even bigger vision. 

Small Center. Big Goals. Even bigger vision.


Welcome to your child's first school. Toddler University is a 24 hour child care center in Marietta, GA that blends the best of both worlds - a classroom setting with a cozy homey feel. Toddler University is open 6 days a week. (Yes! We offer Saturday child care, too!). We provide quality childcare in Marietta, GA to children ages 18 months to 12 years old. Our motto is "we bring out the best in your child through quality childcare!". We achieve this by providing your child with many learning experiences, activities, and of course, lots of love to assist them in achieving their highest potential. We invite you to schedule a tour and visit our classrooms soon.

Why Choose Us?  Here's just a few reasons why:

  • Open 24 Hours 6 Days

  • We accommodate flexible schedules

  • Cameras in all classroom

  • Secured Entry

  • All staff CPR/First Aid Certified


  • Outstanding Referral Program for Parents/Staff

  • Educational Family Environment

  • Organic Container Garden

  • Cozy Homey Environment

  • All Meals Included

  • Parent's Night Out

  • Mom's Morning Out

  • Friendly Professional Staff

  • Uniform School for ages 1-5 years

  • Our Parents love us!

  • Our kids do, too!

Welcome From The Owner

Saturday  and  Overnight Care by APPOINTMENT ONLY


Our goal is to give children the education they need to grow academically and as good citizens. With that goal firmly in mind, we strive to provide a quality educational program to motivate and challenge each student, while providing for individual differences and special needs students.


"We never lose sight of the fact that parents have entrusted that care and education of their children to us. We owe both student and parent the best education possible. I personally love doing childcare because I love nurturing young minds and watching them grow! What we teach a child will stay with them for a lifetime. This helps me to take my career seriously and to give all my children only my best!"


Shana Isaac (Owner/Founder)

Toddler University | 24 Hour Childcare | Marietta, GA

Please take the time to add your child to our waiting list so that you will be the first to be called when a space becomes available.

Toddler University | 24 Hour Childcare | Marietta, GA
Toddler University | 24 Hour Childcare | Marietta, GA

Put your child's future first! We encourage you to schedule your own personal Open House to see what we have to offer in terms of our facility and learning environment.

Toddler University | 24 Hour Childcare | Marietta, GA